Personal Chatbot

Date: august 2017

Project description

Date: september 2017
Type of project: personal project

The goal of this project was to create a Curriculum Vitae that allowed potential employees to see more of my personality aside from my skillset as a digital designer.
Applying for a job in digital design can be difficult. There are a lot of designers and making yourself stand out can be hard. In order to stand out many designers build an online portfolio to showcase their work and skillset. The problem I found was that an online portfolio gives a great impression of the skills and work of the designer but does not showcase their personality. Without an interview it is difficult to select a designer that is skilled enough but also a great fit for the design team. By building a personal chatbot I hope to showcase some parts of my personality, so potential employers get an impression of my as a person aside from my design skills.

Role: UX Designer

Tools used: Sketch


I built a Facebook chatbot with Chatfuel.
Click here to talk to the chatbot.