Timesheet Waitinglist

Date: december 2019

Project description

Date: december 2019
Type of project: Atos

Atos is developing a mobile app for its employees in which they are able to register and submit their worked hours. I worked on the pre-register part of the application. In this part of the app the employee can sign up for early access and get notified when the app is available. Upon registration the user will be given a ranking. The first users on the list will gain first access.
After downloading the app, the user is able to fill in his of hers Atos information. The data is sent to the database and the user is given a position on the waitinglist. The goal was to get overall attention within the organisation and create momentum for the app developement.

Role: Front-end Developer

Tools used: CSS, Javascript, Outsystems


Mobile application

Biggest learning

Working ons this application learned me to implement back-end logic in the Front-end.